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Why Chiropractic?

In the society we live in today, we are running a race.  This race leaves us little time to focus on important aspects of our lives, like our health.

Webster's dictionary defines health as:  the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; freedom from physical disease or pain and/or the general condition of the body.

Take a moment and ask yourself-Is this me?  Am I healthy?  Am I free from physical disease or pain?  Don't be discouraged if you aren't the perfect picture of health or if you experience chronic or acute pain.

In fact, more than 65 million Americans suffer from back pain every year and 12 million people suffer from daily headaches-even your children feel the effects.  In a recent study, 20% of children today suffer from regular headaches.  And don't even get me started on the 100 million people who have trouble sleeping at night.

Why this epidemic?  As I mentioned earlier, this race we run each day and living as high-speed as we do, gives us little time and energy to focus on and invest in our health.  This brings me to my main point of discussion.

In what ways can you effectively and naturally treat every day pain and take a proactive step in achieving your most optimal health ever?  It's not a pill or a crash diet.  It's making the decision to truly invest in your health and face the problem and source of the pain, naturally and effectively with regular chiropractic treatment.

Why chiropractic?  According to the American Academy of Spine Physicians, chiropractic is the fastest growing and second largest primary health care profession.  In fact, tens of millions of Americans routinely seek health care sevices from chiropractors, and that number is rapidly growing.

The AASP went on to say that Chiropractors are known to provide effective, low-cost, conservative treatment for a wide-variety of conditions.  These treatable conditions include back and neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, allergies, stress, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, arthritis...the list goes on and on.

In saying this, I firmly believe that regular chiropractic care can help you achieve optimal health, decrease your pain and ailments and help you win this fast-paced race you run each and every day.  



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