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Sports Rehabilitation

Injuries occur every day if you have an active outdoor lifestyle. Sports rehabilitation can seem like an eternity if you are sidelined for an extended period. At Kaufman Chiropractic Clinic in Bothell and Monroe, our chiropractors provide personalized sports injury treatment options for athletes of all ages.


Types of Sports Injuries Chiropractic Care Treat

Players rely on chiropractic care to assist them in rebounding from sports injuries and returning to competition without delay. A chiropractor near you can treat all musculoskeletal injuries. What does that mean? Well, treatment can lessen sciatica pain, which causes numbness and a sharp sensation in the lower back region. Also, chiropractors can relieve problems in an athlete's muscles, such as strain or tightness. Runners seek chiropractic care if they pull their hamstring while training. Finally, if you are experiencing general soreness in your joints, a chiropractor will re-align your spine to lessen the pain.

Chiropractic Care Sports Injury Treatment Options

The road back from a sports injury can be a bumpy ride. The possibility of re-injuring yourself during sports rehabilitation is high. Often, the original injury causes your spine to become misaligned. A chiropractor near you can re-align your body (arms, legs, hips, back, and neck) to assist you in becoming fully healthy. A series of hands-on body adjustments will ease your joints back into place. Over time, the manipulations should reduce the pain associated with your injury.

Chiropractors will design an exercise program that helps strengthen your muscles while correcting spinal misalignment at the same time. Do not be surprised if they include a soft tissue massage therapy session. It will help to break up scar tissue and adhesions that prevent your joints from moving more freely following your injury. Massage therapy helps loosen your muscles and improve your joint's range of motion.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to sports rehabilitation. You are focusing on treating the body's musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractic care heals injuries by repairing spinal misalignment that causes lower back pain or other joint issues. A complete breakdown of your body could impede your ability to play sports. Many athletes continue chiropractic care after they complete their rehabilitation program. They feel it is a perfect addition to their daily routine.

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If you are unsure if chiropractic care is the best choice for your sports rehabilitation, contact Kaufman Chiropractic Clinic in Bothell and Monroe, WA. Our staff can answer all of your questions and explain the options available. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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